Business Name: The Faith Filled Life

Type of Business: Online scripture studies for LDS women. The business will be known for helping women come closer to their faith while creating lasting friendships.

Demographic: LDS Women 24-50+, stay at home mom who wants something fun and "real" to help her further embrace her faith.

5 Words That Describe the Business: Fun, Engaging, Southern, Friendly, Loving



The trick with this design was to keep it feminine, but not too soft or "floaty." We wanted to be sure to give it a bit of weight that helped maintain the strong connection that these women felt about their faith, without the design becoming overbearing or too serious.

The client specifically requested the colors blue and purple, and wanted a light and airy feel. Interestingly, the client's competition all had websites that were very similar in tonality, with dusty blues and sage greens as the colors. We definitely wanted to help her create a brand with a color scheme that stood out from the crowd, so we sent her two distinct options to choose from.


The client loved the first option- the macaroons stole her heart!- and so we got to work designing something that felt light, airy, feminine, and sweet-but-not-too-sweet. 

We really wanted something that felt like a combination of something authoritative and serious and something that felt like a handwritten note in a lunchbox. It became clear from the beginning that we wanted to go with a sans-serif font, and combine it with something that looked handwritten while remaining very legible. You'd be surprised how many handwritten fonts feature "F's" that are almost illegible!

It was also important that the branding came across "clean" and slightly minimalist, and that it avoided being too formal with the handwritten aspects. We didn't want to feature anything cursive- we just wanted to keep things simple and approachable.

We tried not to play with heart icons too much in the branding, but this was very hard to resist, as the client's last name was "Love." So we threw in a sprinkle of hearts for good measure, and featured them in her patterns as well. In addition to the hearts being a subtle reminder of her name for her readers, they also created that "Southern hospitality" feeling that the client valued in her brand.