Squarespace Resources

Note: Some of the product links below are affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you purchase / subscribe to / use some of these products. Just keep in mind that I love you guys, I would never recommend something that I don't love and believe in (and most of these products are used right here in Mind Her Business!). 


About Squarespace:


Squarespace is the platform that I use for MindHerBusiness.com. It is really easy to use, and is easy to update and modify as your business grows. Many of the Mind Her Business website clients use Squarespace, as well. This website builder is best for heavy-content style sites, like blogs, informational sites, and websites for service providers, like coaches, yoga instructors, and accountants. It also has easy-to-use e-commerce features, but if you were planning to sell more than, say 30 items, or if your items had a lot of size/color variations or customizations, you might want to check out Shopify, instead. 

There aren't many upgrades / apps with Squarespace, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on your comfort level with website building. The lack of outside options keeps things running really smoothly- you never install an "upgrade" that ends up breaking your website somehow, but this also means that you have to use "back door" options to add things like countdown timers, affiliate tracking software, and other specialized things to your site. 

I, personally, have found it pretty easy to find tutorials on Google for the few things that I have wanted to add that Squarespace didn't offer, so this isn't a problem for me, and if you're wanting something super custom, you probably aren't looking at an option like this, anyways. :-)


Your Domain Name (www.yoursite.com)

You can purchase your domain name directly through Squarespace if you wish, and if you purchase an annual plan with them, they will even throw one in for free, but I rather like the idea of owning my domain separate from the website builder I am using. It just seems like it would be a hassle to get my domain moved over to a different system (say, if someday I wanted to switch my site to Shopify, Wordpress, or whatever other cool thing they come up with next). That's why I personally use GoDaddy for all my domain names.


I have purchased domain names and hosting from several different places over the years, but GoDaddy is my old faithful. Sure, you could buy a super cheap domain name from a less well-known business, but what happens if they change their name / get bought out by another company and cause drama for your precious www.yourname.com (it's happened to me, and I just don't have time for drama like that in my life!)? 

I have also utilized their custom email services (info@yourname.com) for clients, with good results (although I use G Suite, which is basically custom Gmail, for most of my websites nowadays).

Oh, and did I mention how reliable they are and how great their customer service is? Because I have asked them all kinds of questions that made me feel like a less-than-intelligent human being (because, you know... technology!), and they have always been patient and kind. 




Acuity Scheduling is what Mind Her Business uses to schedule coaching sessions, discovery calls, Q+A sessions, and basically everything else that requires a call-in meeting. It is super easy to set up (and it is free to use if you have Squarespace!).

You can even tie it in to your Google Calendar so that you can keep your whole schedule together.