Business Name: Norwich Method

Type of Business: Coach for solopreneurs or small business owners who need help branding, making business plans, and putting knowledge into action.

Demographic: 18-40 year old daydreamers who aspire to a great luxe femme lifestyle

5 Words That Describe the Business: Classic, Americana, Millenial, Modern Luxury, Preppy


This client wanted something "classic, but with a hint of modern." She also specifically requested seafoam (with a matte finish, to be exact) and coral. She wanted to convey her fun personality, and wanted branding that would feel "honest, fun, sincere, but I mean business and get results!" She wanted her clients to feel like she was part mentor, part BFF. 

As part of our Brand Workbook, we ask where our client's Ideal Customers like to shop, and this client referenced very classic, tailored brands like Brooks Brothers, J Crew, and Nordstrom. So we definitely wanted her brand to feel luxurious, but not in a "if you got it, flaunt it" kind of way. 

We sent her two different mood boards that played with her color choices and took them in two different directions (and secretly hoped that she picked the first one, which she did!).


We loved the strong, geometric lines and the way the navy really helped to strengthen and ground the lighter, more vibrant seafoam and coral tones. 

We wanted to come up with a concept that would look good both on the client's website and also on the back of her class workbooks. It needed to be slightly unisex, luxurious, and memorable, and it needed a day-at-the-yacht-club vibe. Words that kept coming up in the client's branding workbook were "Simple" and "Classic." While I worked,I kept getting images of Sperry Topsiders on rope-lined docks at sunset.

There were many iterations of icons, letterforms, and fonts, which all boiled down to the final logo concepts you see below. We even included a submark that allows her to show off her brand colors if she wants something with a little bit of a pop.

Her patterns are all very geometric, and the copper texture coordinates so well with her brand colors, but doesn't feel too stuffy like gold would have.