It's time to escape the 9-5 grind, share your passion with the world, and own your own time and freedom so that you can finally start LIVING, once and for all!

All you need is the commitment to give yourself just 30 minutes a day to work on your business, and our easy, step-by-step system will show you the way to success.



I'm Jen, Entrepreneurship Coach for lovely ladies who have their own dreams and who will stop at nothing to make them come true!

Here are the facts: If your 18-year-old self could see where you are in your life right now, you'd probably feel disappointed. You know you have so much more potential than this! You know you've always had something special to share with the world. 

AND YOU HAVE ALWAYS KNOWN THAT LIFE SHOULD BE FILLED WITH PASSION, PLEASURE, AND FULFILLMENT- not just a day-after-day grind, spending your valuable time making someone else rich while you are stuck trying to just keep your head above water!

It's not your fault. You've just bought into the story that they have told you all your life about how to find meaning and happiness- get a good job, earn lots of money, find the perfect partner, buy the right kind of car, and maybe be able to afford a cute pair of new shoes every now and then. But, of course, you'd never be able to do that with the things you're passionate about. You have to get a "real job," right?

Of course, having a "real job" is amazing- for some people. Some people find great pleasure in winning that rat race, battling their way to the top, kicking booty and taking names. 

But I have a feeling that's not YOU. That's not YOUR dream. Those aren't YOUR goals. 


You just don't know how to get from having "just a dream of having a business you are passionate about" to HAVING a Dream Passion Business. Whether your dream is of launching your own product line, starting your own coaching biz, selling your music or artwork, or something totally new, #MindHerBusiness can help you- and you just have to give me 30 minutes of your day. 

  • Maybe you have absolutely no idea what kind of business to start. I will walk you through a step-by-step process to help you distill your passions and skills into a marketable product or service. 
  • Maybe you already have a great business idea in mind. I will help you figure out how to lay a solid foundation for success.
  • Maybe you've already started working on your business idea. I will help you with your branding and marketing to make you look polished and get you noticed.
  • Maybe you've tried and failed at starting your own business in the past. I will help you avoid the pitfalls and stay motivated to build your dream!
  • Maybe you just feel overwhelmed with everything involved with starting and running a business. If you just give me 30 minutes a day, I will guide you down the path of entrepreneurship, step-by-step, in easy, manageable increments. You will be amazed by how easy it really is, and you will regret not starting sooner!

Let's find and develop your Dream Passion Business and take you from unfulfilled employee to a successful entrepreneur!

I'll help you start and grow your very own business (even if you aren't 100% sure about what you want to do, yet), so that:

-You can live life from the fulfilling position of following your dreams and working on accomplishing the things in life you were born to do!

-You'll build a lifestyle of time, location, and job-freedom so that you can focus more on actually LIVING life instead of just existing.

 -You will have the power to choose who you work with, how much money you want to earn, and exactly which goals you have that resonate the most with your unique life purpose. 

My unique, step-by-step system will not only teach you the fundamentals of getting your business started, but will also give you the opportunity to graduate from the course with a complete business brand (including logo and packaging design, for our Mastermind members!). 

Stop worrying about what anyone else says or thinks. let them have their OPINIONs. 

Stop dreaming and making plans you don't follow through with. Dive in head-first, give Yourself just 30 minutes a day, and I promise you that you can easily get started building the business that you've always wanted. 


I'm so glad you asked! 

In this 6 week Start-Your-Business Jumpstart Program, we will cover everything you need to get started building, branding, and marketing your Passion Business, including:


You didn't think that you'd have to go it alone, did you? 

Every week, we will have a group webinar where we will recap the week's lesson and give you a chance to ask any questions that you may have regarding the material covered. And don't worry, if you have to miss one, they will all be recorded for you to listen to at any time!



Before you officially get started with the Mind Your Business Jumpstart Program, you need to know what business you are starting, right? Some of you may already know exactly what you want to do, but some of you may be trying to decide between a few good ideas, or maybe you have no clue where to begin deciding on what business to start. Don't worry! We've got you covered.

This module is like nothing you've ever seen before. Instead of your standard "what do you like to do, what are you good at doing, one-size-fits-all" questionnaire, this guide is individualized for the 4 different types of entrepreneurial ladies out there: The Multipotentialite, The Escapist, The Hobbyist, and the Expansionist. You will not only explore the types of business opportunities that most appeal to your personality type, but you will also spend some time getting to really know and understand the subconscious thought processes behind why you have had trouble getting started or staying motivated in the past, and how you can work with your type rather than against it to build a lifelong, sustainable business. 



It's time to get to work! No fluffy, everybody gets a trophy stuff here. What do you want to accomplish and how do you plan to make it happen? We will dive into pricing structures, target markets, and analytics to help you fully understand exactly how much you need to sell (or, really, how many people you need to serve) in order to meet your financial and lifestyle goals. After you know where you are going, we will figure out how long you want to take to accomplish that goal, and then work backwards to come up with your game plan. Finally, we will complete your first Mind Your Own Business Assessment- the first of 6 weekly check-ins to ensure that you are on the right track!



Time to make it official (maybe even #FacebookOfficial)! It's time to get your business registered and ready to start selling! We will discuss naming your business, buying your domain name (for your eventual e-commerce store, blog, or website), and will help you select the perfect places to start selling your products or services. You will start gathering all the information you need so that at the end of Module 6, you will be ready to launch your business to the world!



This is my favorite part- and I'm hoping you will have so much fun, too! This week we will focus on your branding, image, and voice. You will really get to know your future customers, and style your brand so that you become simply irresistible. As part of the branding process, we will help you develop a style sheet that will keep your brand on point, and help you look oh-so-polished and professional. Looks aren't everything, Honey, but they are definitely significant! Your business never looked this good! 

Optional: Don't worry if you have no idea how to create a logo or design a brand. If you still feel like you need assistance at the end of this Module, we offer logo and branding design services. 



Now that you have your brand on fleek, it's time to put a bow on it (maybe even literally!). This Module is all about developing your packaging (if you sell products) or your packages (if you sell services). We will help you develop a tight, consistent product line so that you will present a strong, recognized brand to the world (and this also helps prevent you from setting yourself up for product line overwhelm and eventual burnout). 



Now that you have a gorgeous product or service line, its time to show it off to the world! This is going to be a busy week, but by the end of it, you will:

  • Get your website started. Maybe you want an e-commerce store, maybe you need an informational website, maybe you are looking to establish yourself as an authority by starting a blog. No matter what you are trying to say online, we will help you begin saying it. 
  • Have learned super easy techniques to photograph your products. You don't even need a fancy camera- we can show you how you can use your smartphone camera instead. 
  • Design and start assembling your booth if you are planning to sell at craft fairs, trade shows, or pop-up shops. You will learn how to create a booth that customers flock to!


Now that you have a fully fledged Passion Business ready to rock and roll, it's time to tell the world! We will help you write killer product or service descriptions that are optimized for search engines, help you establish your brand's presence on the social media sites that will give you the most bang for your buck, and even help you get started in attracting attention from the media- both online and off. We will also cover free and paid advertising techniques, including Facebook and Instagram ads, video marketing, and guest posting on blogs, to name a few.  



If you have a product line, you may be wondering how you can get it into other shops around the world. This process is called Wholesaling, and it may be a great thing for your business- or it may be a nightmare. We will help you figure out if it is the right move for your business, and if you feel that it is, we will give you a roadmap on how to get started. 



You know who your product will appeal to (we established all these details in Modules 2-3), but where do you find these people and how do you get them to notice you? We will help you develop a strong message, show you how to quickly and clearly share it, and how to advertise without sounding "sales-y." You will learn where your ideal clients congregate, and will learn to not only draw them towards your brand, but will learn how to get them to identify with it (which helps to create devoted, repeat customers who also tell their friends about you!). 


If you do your part and complete the first 2 modules of the training and attend the live webinars and are still not 100% satisfied with the course, we will buy the program back from you at 100% of the price you paid. Just let us know within the first 14 days of the course.  


What if I have never started a business before? Is this program still for me?

Yes! In fact, it is very much for you! I will teach you everything you need to lay a solid foundation for success. This program is designed to take you from complete newbie to proud business owner in just a few short weeks!

Is this program only for people who sell physical products? 

Nope! While people who sell physical products need to worry about designing physical packaging materials and need to sell their products in a different way, those of you with service businesses, such as photographers, coaches, musicians, metaphysical practitioners, therapists, artists, comedians, teachers, etc. will still need to create unique and memorable branding, develop appealing packages for your services, and utilize 90% of the same exact business concepts that a product-based business uses. This training is DEFINITELY for you, too!

I have already started my business. Will I still be able to learn something useful from this course?

Well, you probably wouldn't be reading this far down on this page if you were 100% happy with how your business was running... So, i bet there will be quite a few things you can learn to improve your current business. Module 3 (Show Me!), which covers everything branding, and the mindset work throughout the course are worth the price of admission alone, and many current business owners will also appreciate all the unique tips and tricks in Modules 5 and 6 that teach you how to present your product well and then share it with the world. 

How is the course structured?

The main body of the course is designed to be completed within 6 weeks. There are three bonus modules, one that you can complete before the class starts if you still need to figure out your awesome business idea, and two that you can complete after the 6 week program is completed. There will also be six live webinars (that will be recorded for future viewing) that will take place at the end of each week of the course. During these webinars, you are free to ask questions about the course materials, and receive help and feedback from Jen and the other group members. 

So if I complete this course, will I be making tons of money?

Sorry, ladies. If I could guarantee that you would be instantly rich and successful after this course, you can bet that I would be charging a whole lot more for it! But I do promise that I will do everything in my power to make sure you understand the basics, and will do my best to keep you motivated and moving forward towards accomplishing your goals. I believe that this course offers a detailed, clear, easy-to-follow course that will help you to quickly build a solid foundation for success. The rest will depend on you and your products and/or services. My results and the other members results are just that- our own, individual results. But we definitely hope that you will be giving us a run for our money!

Do you offer refunds?

I am offering a 2-week money back guarantee (starting from the day that Module 1 is open for you). If you have completed Modules 1 and 2, and have attended the weekly coaching calls and are not satisfied with the course, email us and we will do our best to work through the problem with you. If you are still not 100% satisfied, then we will offer you a full refund. We would be sad to see you go, however, and you would be missing the fun part of the course where we discuss branding and marketing!