Pricing can vary widely according to the scope of your individual project, but here are some ranges to give you a concept of our rates:

Branding & Logo Design

Our Signature Branding and Logo Package includes everything you need to get started- a main logo, a few logo variations and submarks, colors, fonts, and patterns. We take you through our signature Sensory Branding Process, where we learn everything there is to know about you via our Branding Workbook- your brand, your message, your ideal customers- and then translate that into a few mood boards for you to approve. Then, once we are 100% sure we are on the same page, we design the perfect brand that speaks to your dream customers and attracts them to your business! The rate for our Signature Brand and Logo Package is $2,000. 

Graphic Design Services

Most graphic design services, including social stationery, mockups, and packaging, are priced at $45 per hour. Our designers are very efficient, and most pieces can be completed in under an hour, especially once we have worked together and we understand your style and ideal customer. Custom packages can be arranged for multiple pieces at a discounted rate. 

Design Retainer Packages

If you have ongoing work, we offer Retainer Packages that give you access to a specified number of design hours as a discounted package rate. You can use these for anything from merchandise design, to quotes for Instagram or Pinterest, posts for your Facebook, or keeping catalogues or brochures updated with your newest sales and offers. 

5 hours / month: $175 (regularly $225)
10 Hours / month: $300 (regularly $450)
5 hours / week: $550 (regularly $900)

Custom packages available.