Starting a new business? Old branding designs starting to look a little tired or dated? Or maybe you have just done-it-yourself in the past, but now it's time to up your game and treat your business to a professional brand makeover. 

Whatever the reason, if your current brand isn't attracting new customers- and the right customers- I can help!

My complete Branding + Logo Design Package includes all the
standard branding  collateral
that you'd expect:

  • Logo Design and Development 
  • Secondary Logo- a variation of your main logo. For example, if your main logo is rectangular, a secondary version might be your logo reinterpreted as a square or a circle
  • Submark- a super simple, mini logo that can be used as a favicon, or on your social media
  • Brand Colors- so you always appear consistent whenever people see you
  • Patterns & Textures- usually a play on your logo design or brand theme, these patterns can be used as the background of social media images, business cards, book covers, and more!
  • Font Pairing- You don't have to worry about finding fonts that play nicely with each other and with your logo! I find gorgeous fonts that express what you are trying to say, that perfectly compliment and enhance your branding. 

And every Branding
+ Logo Design Package
also includes:

  • My proprietary Sensory Branding Method. When we start the branding process, I send you a workbook that helps you to show us exactly who your brand is and who you want to share it with. This helps me to design your branding to appeal to just the right people!
  • A complete analysis of your current brand messaging that shows you what you are doing well, and what could use a little work. I want to help you get really clear and consistent so that your ideal clients will be able to spot you from a mile away. 
  • A minimum of two mood boards that I create for to choose between that help me really fine tune the direction of your branding. Many agencies make you find all your own images for your mood board, but I believe that, as your Branding and Design Expert, it's my job to help you define your vision, and not your job to play show-and-tell with me!
  • Your very own, stunning Brand Style Guide. This .PDF ebook will contain all your Brand Elements, Colors, Recommended Fonts, Patterns, and more! This Style Guide really brings your brand to life. You will see how your new logo and branded messaging look in the context of branded elements such as a branded coffee mug, company t-shirt, stationery, and more. You can also use it to get an idea of the best way to utilize your logo in your future branded content, such as your emails, Instagram posts, etc. 

My Branding Packages are highly customizable, so that you don't end up paying for a bunch of brand collateral that you don't need and will never end up using. Let me know exactly what pieces you want included (a business card and Facebook header, for instance), and I will tailor a package specifically for you!

And, if you need new branded content on a regular basis (such as Instagram images, Facebook ads, or opt-in covers), I offer generous retainer programs and a-la-carte hourly design services to serve your business in the best way possible!

Want to see what my process looks like in action? Read my Branding Case Studies by clicking the button below!

Some Brands and Logos I Have Designed: