Ask The Experts- "What Do You Love About Being An Entrepreneur?"

 We asked our experts to describe their favorite things about being an #entrepreneur. If you are having a rough time in your #business and are starting to forget why you started, read these responses to help you get your mojo back! #passion #startabusiness #reasonwhy

We are starting a new series here at Mind Her Business, called Ask The Experts, asking our  contributors to submit answers to a question of the month.

This month, in honor of Valentine's Day, we asked them "What do you love about being an entrepreneur?" Here is what they had to say!


Crystal Carnahan

"I love the fact that my fate is my destiny, I can truly create the life I want and deserve. I also love connecting with new people and connecting them with others, networking is a favorite, as I enjoy talking and finding out what others need and want. I also love watching people transform because of their newfound belief in themselves!"

About the Author- My name is Crystal and I specialize in the mind/body connection, partnering with clients to create wellness strategies to lower stress, gain confidence and lose mental and physical weight through integrating mindfulness practices.

Jen Cochrane

"I love getting paid to be myself! I enjoy that I get to spend my days doing what I love to do, and I love that I don't have to stick to just one thing. As the editor of Mind Her Business, I get to do graphic design, branding, community building, mentoring, writing, recording video, and work with amazing women from all around the world- all in the same day! It really feeds my multipotentialite cravings."

About the Author- Jen Cochrane is the founder of Mind Her Business magazine and Her Business Academy. According to her kids, she is a workaholic, but she just says that when you are doing what you love, you never work a day in your life! She offers group classes and 1-on-1 coaching helping ladies start and build their dream businesses. 



Dani Fairhurst

"Being an entrepreneur gives me a freedom I’ve never experienced before. It gives me the freedom to make my own choices – if I wake up one morning with a new idea, I can try it! I’m free to finally make plans with family and friends again because my hours are completely flexible. I’m free from the Sunday night dread and the Monday morning blues. But best of all, I’m free to just be me."

About the Author- Hi, I'm Dani, a blogger, coach, and social media manager from I help ambitious bloggers & entrepreneurs start profitable blogs, grow their business & generate income online.

Sonya Highfield

"What I love about entrepreneurship is it's totally customizable and you really can create a business about anything you love! It also grows along with you as a person, and there's always a chance to adjust, pivot and expand if you're called to. It's a lot about self discovery as well as learning more about people in general, which I find fascinating!"

About the Author- Business and mindset coach working with visionary creative women who are ready to make their passion work profitable!



Julie Holly

"As I look back at my journey I love the idea that I can create something tangible that will help other people. I’ve learned many lessons, including patience, the value of connecting and collaborating with like-minded people and realizing that no matter how much I knew, there’s so much more for me to learn. As an entrepreneur, it all rests on my shoulders. That realization led me to a better self-care routine. So, overall, while it has its challenges, being an entrepreneur has challenged me to be a better version of myself. And that’s a lesson worth more than anything."

About the Author- Julie Holly is a Life Vision & Empowerment Coach who works with women to find the power in their emotions and to live on their terms. For more information, contact Julie at or 804-246-1509.

Julia Neiman

"Being an entrepreneur is an amazing lifestyle that affords the freedom of being able to have control of my time, what I do and when I do it. I love being able to indulge my creativity in developing content and teaching without being told by a supervisor that I am over-stepping my bounds. I love being able to jump off the cliff into something new and exciting whenever I want and I love being able to work from anywhere. Being an entrepreneur is the perfect life for someone creative, it is the perfect life for me."

About the Author- Julia Neiman is an author, youth entrepreneurship coach and creator of Monetize Your Passion Academy. She is passionate about teaching beginning entrepreneurial skills to everyone. Find Julia at https://monetizeyourpassionacademy.comand



Sathiya Ramakrishnan

"Learning about myself and others inside out!"

About the Author- A scientist who is figuring out what Life is all about!


Trish Springsteen

"I love the flexibility to be able to mentor my clients and meet their individual needs. Being an entrepreneur gives me the flexibility to spend time with my family and alone when I need it. I can be creative, write, share without being limited. I can set my own goals and am responsible for how I spend my time. I can choose the hours I work. I can experiment and test workshops, programmes without having to justify the decisions to anyone but myself."

About the Author- Clients work with me because they know I help them have the confidence and self-belief to leverage their business with speaking and communication. I mentor introverts, authors, advocates. Multi international award winner speaker mentor &


Jen Williams

"The freedom to design a life that fits the needs of my family. I now have the ultimate work life balance."

About the Author- I help rescue service providers from the chaos of running a business through strategic business support services and action plans. Strategic business organization and planning education. Facebook Group: Next Level Networking


Rach Wilson

"I absolutely love the freedom of deciding my own schedule, when to have holidays and the flexibility of taking a nap in the day if I need to. I get to work from home and care for my 1 yr old son at the same time.

I love having full creative space to do and create what I want, how I want and I love how this journey has led me to learn and master so much more than just my craft as well as ask me to step up and be more than I used to think I could!"

About the Author- A Master Mind-set Coach, Business Mentor, and Spiritual Guide. I help entrepreneurs master their mindset and engage business energetics to build a Universe-assisted business so it takes less effort and time to succeed!