We All Get Stuck

 We all get stuck, even when we are loving life as a leader. How do you get back on track when you feel like you are just spinning your wheels? #goals #stuck #reevaluate #startover #entrepreneur

We all get stuck, even when we are loving life as a leader.

Have you ever felt stuck?

I am not going to lie. Leaders find themselves in the doldrums and feeling low sometimes too, just like everyone else.

I was coming off of an exciting time, I had just moved, everything was supposed to be shiny and new and sparkly, kind of like the New Year. Then, once I was settled in and I was supposed to be ready to hit the road running, I had a problem- I felt like I had a flat tire.

I had survived the move, as I always do, but I had also come to the realization that the community/training project that I had poured my heart and soul into for the last 9 months was not panning out and it wasn’t going to. It was time to take a u-turn.

How was I to get myself back on track? I had to take inventory and gather my thoughts and figure out how to get myself up and running again. In the entrepreneurial world, you don’t have that boss to answer to, you don’t get fired if you don’t show up and frankly, if you go back to bed, no one even knows.

So I had to get myself going again and this is how I did it.

I designed this questionnaire and spent time with it weekly, really diving deep and answering these questions for myself and my business. They are part planning, part giving myself a little credit and insight, and part reminders of what to do daily and for the long term.

So here we are, a few weeks into the New Year. I hope you aren’t feeling deflated or detoured from your goals already.

For most of us it helps to be a part of a group or have several people to be accountable to, but even in these situations, we can hide out.

As entrepreneurs, we are taught “what we pay attention to grows, what we talk about we wish for, and what we think about we get more of.” Although I agree that we need to be positive most of the time; that does not mean we can’t speak the truth or see the truth.

I put these 12 questions together and reviewed them weekly back when I really needed them. I found them to be helpful for getting back on track and keeping my eyes and actions on the important things.

I suggest you print them out and spend some time with them once a week. Schedule an appointment with yourself to fill out the answers to each question one a week and I promise you, your 2018 will have a bang of a start.

So here goes, cheers to you in this New Year to keep the momentum going.

The Questions

1.) What did I accomplish this week?

2.) What did I do to make my life better in the moment this week (for example what did I do for fun or to relieve stress or for the pure joy of it)?

3.) What did I do to further my mission (more immediate than long term vision)?

4.) What did I find to be draining (my bank account, my health, my overall energy or moving me away from my passion)?

5.) What did I do to make someone else’s life better this week?

6.) What did I do to work toward my long term vision (big picture, global, world wide view)?

7.) Did I ask for and accept help?

8.) What did I do that although I was uncomfortable, I did it anyway?

9.) What ideas or beliefs do I want to transform or let go of (or what do I need to expel from my life)?

10.) How was I with my clients, my significant other, my kids or co-workers and myself this week?

11.) Choose three things to implement this coming week in my relationships, my health and my business or career (one per category).

12.) Is there something I need to start or finish or look at that I have been avoiding?

I call these questions ‘my golden threads.’

There is a type of pottery in Japan that has been around for centuries: It is called Kitsugi. When pottery is broken or cracked it is repaired with gold. In order to hold our entrepreneur ”ships” together, we have to stay focused on getting the right things done, not just staying in action and staying busy.

So let your answers to these questions mend your ships and hold them afloat.

By taking time to go deep and answer these questions - we can stop the "glorification of busy" and keep our eyes on our bigger picture goals while doing the tasks that make our everyday lives fun and fulfilling!