To a Greater You in 2018 (On a Personal Note)

 Start 2018 right- use a new strategy to make and keep your resolutions this year. 

A new year is upon us all.

And honestly, we do not have the benefit of leaving that long overdue task till 'next year' again, at least for a while.

I once heard someone (can't remember who exactly) define madness as repeating the same action every time and expecting a different result. If you desire a different result in any area of your life, then you MUST apply a different strategy.

Your life can change massively in the direction you desire. Oh yes it can. But to experience this change, you need to do some things differently:


This simply refers to your association. The quality of people you interact with has a huge impact on you.
Who do you listen to? Who do you converse with? How do you invest your time? If you stay with the feeble minded, you will become minded too. There's no two way about this.

She who walks with the wise, shall be wise.
If you want to be successful, befriend successful people. If you desire to be wealthy, find your way to associate with wealthy people. Your interactions with them will give you a new perspective altogether that will enhance your upward movement.

Please do not make up the excuse for the 'poor' environment in which you live/work as the challenge. Whether you have a degree or not, is immaterial.

With the advent of the internet/social media, the whole world has become a little street. There are no boundaries or walls anymore. If you can read this post, it means you can get any information you want using the Internet.

Be intentional about who you allow to influence you. 
Cut some friendships if necessary, it would hurt and you may get stones thrown at you but trust me, you'll be better off.



One of the worst limiting habit I know of is procrastination. This one terrible habit has dealt me several heavy blows. There are books stuck up within me that I should have written before now but for procrastination. So, drop it. Procrastination is old fashioned and it kills. Drop it.
Check for other limiting habits you may have and drop them like they're hot.


I cannot over stretch this point. Many of the things we were thought while growing up are no longer applicable. Most are now obsolete. Why keep such knowledge? Delete it from your memory bank and learn what works. If you have a TV that no longer works, do you keep it? You either change it or you repair it. Do the same to your mindset.


I will emphasize that in whatever you do, add value to others. People should be thankful that they encountered you. With this, you unlock favour over your life.


Lastly, you must do all you can to keep moving. Whether you crawl, walk, run or fly, be intentional about moving your life forward.

To a greater you in 2018!