Resilience Mindset

 How do you recover from trauma or overcome the feeling of "Why is this happening to me?" Resilience is the answer! 

That which does not kill us makes us stronger - Friedrich Nietzsche

Have you all heard about Phoenix, a bird from the Greek mythology that obtains new life arising from ashes? Now consider the situations in your life when you feel burnt, defeated, unmotivated and lost. Do you want to rise and move-on to the next stage?

Most of us at some stage of our lives get this feeling of why “things” are happening to us. Why is life so hard? Why I got a bad boss? Why my relationship is quite challenging? Why am I struggling for money? Why can’t I have an amazing health? So many “Whys”. However, the reality is that “things” do happen to us all the time whether we like it or not. A more progressive approach is to learn how to cope with it, learn from our experiences and move-on to the next stage. Otherwise, we will be stuck in one place or a situation. To stay ahead and to keep moving, we need to build our Resilience. 

What is Resilience?

Resilience is the capacity to recover quickly from challenges and difficulties that happened to us. It also refers to the idea of building our inner strength. For some people building resilience comes quite naturally while for others they require some assistance. There are various ways to build resilience. I am providing some techniques that worked exceptionally well for myself.

Accept: Learn to accept that whatever happened cannot be changed but you are strong enough to leave the past behind and create a better future.

Identify: Try to identify what aspects of your wellbeing needs immediate attention – whether it be physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Support: Seek help from people whom you can trust and make sure they are non-judgemental and have the best interest in your life.

Trust: Trust yourself first! If you don’t trust yourself it will be harder to do the same with others. 

Avoidance: Avoid negative/toxic people and stay away from them. Be aware of energy vampires! 

Gratitude: Practice gratitude. If you start appreciating what you already got, it will help you stop lamenting on obtaining things that you don’t necessarily need.

Purpose: Finding a deeper and higher purpose towards life will always help you to recover, refocus and live a meaningful life. 

Now tell me, do you feel like a Phoenix bird?!