Experiencing The New Moment

 You've heard of living in the moment, but have you ever really   experienced   the new moment? What stops you from experiencing this joy? My advice? It's in the article!

If you’ve read any book on the power and importance of now, you’ll understand the concept of living in the moment but what of experiencing the new moment?  In which direction is your Monkey Mind bouncing? Perhaps your sales figures, marketing budget or any of the areas of concern as an Entrepreneur are taking all your time. Even if you live in the now (and this does not discount the future or past), are you experiencing it to the fullness of your capacities?

As never before that I am now ....’ 

Each moment shapes you. Decisions can be made in the moment; life and death situations can take place in a moment. Fear is experienced in the moment, as is joy. It’s not that we can’t concentrate on the moment, far from it. It’s just that these moments are often lost to us as our monkey-like minds flick from one area of thought to another.   However, each little moment, each millisecond is unlike any other because it is now, the present, with all the terms of reference that you have collected living.  

Life can change in a heartbeat. The most beautiful aspect of life, now, is that you don’t have to be the same person as you were a few minutes ago, yesterday or years ago. But all so often, we don’t take advantage of this. How can we be the same person? Each new moment brings with it additional experience of life.  So why don't we embrace each second, be an active part of that second and take advantage of the opportunity to reinvent ourselves or our situation.?

So what stops you experiencing this new moment?


Analysing past events may be necessary to plan and be able to execute those plans (more on this in next week’s article) but all too often analysis leads to looking to apportion blame for situations or behaviours. This serves no productive purpose. In addition, blame isn’t always of others. As Entrepreneurs, we might well be looking at a particular past event blaming ourselves and end up analysing the situation to death. The result of which could be like a millstone around your neck, with you worrying about it and stressing about not being able to fix the past. It is impossible to experience the present moment when these things occupy your mind.


Another preventer in stopping you experience the present moment is trying to work out the motives for actions of others There is no way you can definitely know what goes on in another person’s mind, unless you have the gift of mindreading! We can only guess at possible motives. Spending too much time on this is once again, keeping you from experiencing the moment.

At the end of the day, part of you might just want to say “s*!t just happens” and try to see it as a lesson, adjust and then make the days ahead count. It’s your call because ultimately you are choosing to be a victim of your past or a victor of your present.  My advice?  Don’t wait. See what you need to see, hear what you need to hear, feel what you need to feel in order to do what you need to do. Living in the experience of the present moment. Make 2018 a great success and enjoy every minute of it.