Let’s have some fun!

 We are taught that we have to be good before we can have fun, that we must work before we can have fun, that fun has to be earnt.  Really? Fun has to be earnt?

Let’s have some fun!

Do you know why Peter Pan never wanted to grow up? Why he wanted to stay in Never Never land forever? It’s because he didn’t want to have to grow up and be like his dad; go to work everyday, get home late and never have any fun.

FUN – this is the real reason Peter Pan wanted to stay in Never Never land, he wanted to stay young and have fun forever. He wanted to chase pirates, swim with mermaids and plan his attack on Captain Hook all while hanging with the rest of the lost boys. You can kind of understand can’t you? It does sound pretty fun!

But why is it that Peter Pan believed adults don’t have fun? I mean surly there must have been some fun in the Pan household, or maybe not?

As kids, we have heaps of fun, play and make believe with ease. It’s all part of being a kid right?

Have you ever spent time with a bunch of kids under the age of 5 or 6? All they want to do is have fun and they don’t care who is watching or how silly the may appear, fun is fun, and fun will be had regardless of what else is going on.

But as we grow up something happens…

We go to school and the fun we are used to having is slowly put on hold, managed by our teachers and maybe even taken away from us. Think about it – before school you were able to have fun at any time you pleased, you could run like a lion just because, dress up as batman and walk down the street or make Woody and Buzz fly, but one day you just stopped.

What happened?

As kids we want to please our teachers as well as fit in with our friends. Our teachers are telling us to work at this time and play at this time, our right to have fun whenever we want is taken away from us, and we are taught fun can only happen at recess and lunch, with our friends. Not only is fun put on a schedule, it is also only allowed to happen with other kids, your friends, in no way can you have fun by yourself, you don’t want to be labelled that kid.

So we go from having fun at any moment, by ourselves or with others, whatever we feel like, to having to learn to squish our fun right down until recess and lunch, and while we wait for ‘fun time’ we are working for our teacher, doing what they want, finishing tasks, completing activities, and getting the work done, then when it’s all done, we can go out and play and have fun.

How many of these lines did you hear at school:

‘Finish your work or you can’t go and play’
‘Naughty students don’t get to have fun’
‘If you don’t get your worked finished you can’t play’
‘Do your work or there is no recess and lunch’
‘You did nothing in class so you won’t be doing any playing’


As I write this I know I am guilty of saying these things, after all, it is what was said by my teachers and what I was what I was taught to believe – you have to be good to have fun.

We are taught that we have to be good before we can have fun, that we must work before we can have fun, that fun has to be earnt.

Really? Fun has to be earnt?

As a kid it was our right to have fun, it was expected of us, in fact if we weren’t off having fun there must have been something wrong with us. Yet as an adult, we somehow believe fun has to be earnt, deserved, that we have to work for it.

So here’s a new lesson for you. The one they didn’t teach you in school…

FUN IS A RIGHT! You don’t have to work for it, you don’t have to wait for a certain time to enjoy it, and you don’t have to earn it.

Fun is free.

Go and have some fun!