Is it worth suffering for your passions?

 Is it worth suffering for your passion? Where do you draw the line? The struggle is, indeed, real- but is it worth it?

We know that the quintessence of life is change and unless we pursue its flow we won’t be able to grow. The biggest challenge in life is to ceaselessly fight for what we stand, for what we love and for what we can see with the eyes of the mind. We can do this by hurling into the unknown and making it happen.

The incommensurate value we hold within can only be beaten by the limitations we set upon ourselves. The ideas that we hold inside are not ours until we make them happen. We need to stretch our mind and unleash the power of imagination outside the realm of our limited universes. We have to see beyond fear and comfort zone, we need audacious ideas of social change and that can only happen when we decide to think outside the box.

The struggle is part of what we call ‘life’s journey’. It’s the struggle for achieving something unique, something big. This is why it’s hard to stand for it. It’s a high chance of failure and a high chance to succeed against all odds. It’s you who has to suffer all the pain of failure and rise above circumstances even more powerful than you were when you’ve been knocked down.

I can understand why following the right path is stressful, overwhelming, filled with heartache and rejection.  And there will be many times when you will be unsure if you are following the right path.  All these circumstances require a new approach, a new and better version of you. Because in order to achieve something you’ve never had before, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. You can’t reach anything new with the same old thinking and acting system.

It’s not what happens that determines the course of your life, but what you do about the impediments that stumble upon your way.

If you fail, there are two possibilities: give up or bounce back. It’s your choice if you want to become the hero of your story or the invisible, unknown character in a low-budget movie called life in failure. This is why you have to fight for what you believe even when no one believes in your goal, even when it’s hard to keep going, even when you have lost your ambition and the power to continue. Because it happens to get lost in the things you mostly want to accomplish.


Too much burden on your shoulders, too many obstacles, so many people saying that you are not strong enough, bold enough, smart enough to succeed…If life hits you or gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. You should adapt to circumstances as the clay in the potter's hands. Life is made both of the joy of winning and the bitterness of losing.

The answer to all these struggles is stubbornness. Not only as a character trait, but stubbornness in mind. A motionless stubbornness to acquire the kind of knowledge you need to succeed. Knowledge is power and information is the liberation to all human burdens.

These exponential times of evolution are irrepressibly transforming the way we live, learn and acquire objectives. In this world where everything is connected and equally excellent, where performance is reaching perfection, there is one more space left for innovation: YOU.  

  • Look for joy, whatever you are

  • Accept your feelings in a responsible way

  • Understand that difficulties are part of the final scope

  • Stop resisting to change

  • Distinguish critical issues from normal growing problems

  • Stretch for solutions and evaluate their feasibility

  • Embody missions and visions into your actions

  • Create a bolder and explicit strategy

  • Make rational decisions

  • Establish priorities among opportunities

  • Innovate at any front

  • Never stop growing

Dear reader, remember always that the universe always falls in love with a stubborn minds, with those who continually stretch themselves and drive change.   

Is it worth suffering for your dreams?

Yes, it is.

Pain is temporary. It will last one hour, one day, or one year. But eventually it will disappear. So either you stop complaining about the hardships and learn to master your skills, or humble your pride and choose an affordable target!