Hustle vs. Productivity


Look out! Tough love ahead!

If you are at all, even peripherally, involved in the online entrepreneurship world, you have been confronted with the idea of the #Hustle.

Hustlers gonna hustle. Every day I'm Hustling. What's your Side Hustle? 

You know, stuff like that.

And it's not that I'm against hustling, per se. Working hard and taking action are both really good (and necessary) part of being an entrepreneur.

But what if you are starting to get burned out? What if you are starting to lose the perspective on why you even started this whole entrepreneur-thing in the first place?

From what everyone says online, you should just hustle your way right through it. 

But what if you are just hustling yourself into certain and epic doom?

Ok, that might be a little dramatic, but stay with me here. 

What if we jump of what has become the ego-train called Hustle, and just start thinking about Progress?

You can pretend to (or even actually) hustle all day long, but if you are just looking busy, spinning your wheels, or doing things that aren't truly helping your business, then you are wasting your precious time and energy.

What you need before you have the Hustle is a rock solid plan.

What does success look like to you? Where, exactly, are you headed?

Who do you need to talk to / sell to / work with / work for to get there? 

What are 3 critical activities that you should be engaging in every day in order to move you closer to your goal? 

Those are the kinds of things you should be #hustling. 

Stop doing busy work, focus on what really matters, and then start being #Productive. 

Because if all you have to show at the end of your day of hustling are a few cute memes and a few Facebook comments, your #hustle is little more than a self-soothing #egotrip.

You are already important. You don't need to look busy to prove it to anyone. 

Make your #hustle count. Make it #productive.