How To Stand Up To Failure And Succeed As An Entrepreneur

 Failure- It happens sometimes. You have such high hopes and dreams, and then you stumble and fall. Big time. What are the steps to getting back up and starting over?

You look at your life and you’re not even close to financial security — let alone freedom. The world seems abstract from your end, and you keep asking yourself:

“Isn’t there a way to change my life?”

Don’t worry! There is a way out of every ugly situation. But it’s never a smooth journey. The entrepreneur's journey is never smooth, it's full of hurdles and challenges, but it's extremely rewarding in the end....

Think what you are really passionate about. Roll your calendar a few years back, and start CONNECTING THE DOTS.

Am I really passionate about it?

Will I really be able to withstand problems and keep trying until I get some success ? Your passion can successfully translate into your business.


Having an inspiring, soul-uplifting vision is critical for an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, your mind is your limit. As long as your mind can envision the fact that you can do something, become something unique in your journey, achieve something out of your reach, you can do it- so long as you really believe 100% in your powers.

When I am telling you that mind is the limit, I am actually trying to tell you that you are boundless. You are limitless and you can stretch beyond your current life situation.

Become a visionary person, have a dream that you believe is possible. It will give you the direction, the drive, the perseverance, the force to succeed against all odds.

Having a vision doesn't mean that you have only the big picture of what you want to create, it is also a call to action, a call to change, because you have to change in order to receive great things in your life.

An old, inadequate mind and body can't receive the abundance of new. A new life won't fit in an outdated mind. There would be no congruence. There has to be a clear congruence between who you are and what you achieve. So you have to change.

Adopt the winners' mindset

There are two major ways to see life and perceive its experiences and hurdles: fixed mindset and growth mindset.

People with these two mindsets actually think differently and also react differently. While people with a fixed mindset believe that they are cursed to age with the same competencies and skills they were born with, people with growth mindset believe that they can develop their skills and enhance their knowledge through learning and hard work.

These two different beliefs lead to different behavior, and also to different results. People with a growth mindset tend to believe that they are in control of their destiny, which is true. They work hard, they persevere, they learn from experience and they are never afraid to fail.

In order to succeed as an entrepreneur, you have to let go to beliefs and behaviors that are holding you back from evolving. If you have a skill, then double it, again and again. If you decide to keep your abilities the same for your entire life, you will never grow, and your abilities will deteriorate. But if you work on them, chances are that you will succeed.


Build Gut, Resilience, Integrity, Tenaticy---> One way--> GRIT

Dreaming day and night doesn’t create the life you want, building grit does.

Dreams are just the beginning of the tremendous, nerve-racking, all-consuming journey of an entrepreneur. Where you end up in life is determined solely by the amount of times you fall and get up, and how much punishment you can withstand along the way.

The path to an extraordinary accomplishment and a life worth living is not innate talent, but rather focused perseverance, raw endurance, firmness of character, indomitable spirit, and passion for what you do.

Aim high and hit

I want you to think about your social contribution. What will be different because you showed up?

If you do what is easy, your life will be hard, full of complaints and shortcomings, poor into circumstances, you will start blaming everyone except you. The real problem is that you are not on that list. YOU are the one who can change the course of your life, no one will, no one can, no one cares for you, because they are too busy to work for what they want to achieve.

But if you do what is hard, your life will be easy. It's hard to make a radical change in your behavior, to take ownership. You are going to get hurt in life, to make mistakes, to fail your way to success, but you've got to be willing to experiment, to push yourself, to challenge yourself by putting yourself in a perpetual state of discomfort.

This is how you grow, how you become ready to embrace the new. Feeling uncomfortable is a sign that you are evolving, that you are challenging yourself to face struggles and eventually win. Unless you aim high, you can't get out of the small circle of existence.

Greatness comes when you are hustling.

But you will not discover your greatness in your comfort zone. You have to be willing to get out of the comfort zone because in order to do something you have never done you've got to become someone you have never been.

Invest in yourself

How much time do you spend working on yourself? How many books have you read?

Expand your mind for what is possible. Read books, build that positive attitude you need in order to face all the hurdles, the stress, the negative influence of others. Listen to audio books while you are driving, when you are cooking, before you go to bed. They are a valuable source of inspiration, of ideas.

Just like Warren Buffet once said, today the best investment that you can make is in yourself. Nobody can steal what's inside your head. Each month try to learn, grow, and discipline yourself (constantly).

Make a list of your goals and embody them

You have to stand for what you believe and adjust your actions in order to create harmony between what you stand for and what you are actually doing.

Embody your vision by taking consistent action. Take risks and assume the consequences. If it's not working one way, there are 999 other ways to try- and at least one will eventually work for your situation. 

Become a lifelong learner

That's the only way you can embrace the change without falling. The only way to bounce back from adversity.

Accept the pain of losing. Pain is the greatest teacher of all times. You learn more by losing than you do by winning. Become one of those who’ve found ways to opt out of traditional employment and create the time and income to pursue what they find meaningful.

Sometimes, achieving that perfect blend of passion and income doesn’t depend on shelving what you currently do. You can start small with your venture, committing just a little time or money, and wait to take the real plunge when you're sure it's successful.

Commitment is everything.