Defining Success Means Recognizing the Small Achievements

 How often to we not give ourselves enough credit for all the little things we do on the road to success as a female entrepreneur? Business isn't easy, and success should be recognized on a daily basis. 

How we define success in a business is critical to determining how successful you are in business. 

In climate where success if measured by financial gains, it becomes difficult for business owners, particularly start-ups, to fully acknowledge their business success when at the end of the day, financially, they are barely making ends meet.   

Of course, the bottom line counts, after all that’s why we went into business in the first place, any idea or project has to pay its way because our time is valuable and life costs money. But, If the bottom line is your whole measurement of comparison then you have lost sight of what really matters in business – your why.

Why did you choose to put such a valuable resource, your time, into starting this business in the first place? You could have chosen to take a regular job with a reliable pay check and ‘normal’ hours. 

Your Why is determined by your passion and trust me when I say your passion is not driven by a 6 figure income.  

Defining success means recognising the small achievements.

Instead of asking yourself at the end of each day how much money did we make, as yourself this:

  • How well did I serve my customers today?
  • How many customers did I retain today?
  • Did I bring new customers into my business?

And finally, 

  • How many people did I share my passion for this business with today? 

By focussing on the process rather than the outcome you will not only improve your bottom line, you will also be changing your mindset on determining success.