Becoming More Mindful in Business

 Want to bring a little more Zen into your business? These tips will help you become a more mindful entrepreneur.

Mindfulness is a practice of being aware of the present moment, and all that it holds, without judgement or scrutiny, allowing us to focus on our thoughts, feelings, and emotions as they arise.

How can mindfulness be helpful in business? Here are some ways to use this practice to keep yourself on track and in a space of productivity and efficiency.

From the first time that we open our eyes in the morning, our minds are going full speed. What are our priorities for the day, to whom do we delegate important jobs, how are we going to get everything done in the time that we have set out for our work day?

It is helpful to place the most emphasis on allowing ourselves to wake up the mind and body before trying to complete any task.

This can be as simple as sitting on the side of the bed, allowing the feet to touch the ground, and “feeling into” being grounded. Taking a deep breath and concentrating on expanding the ribs, putting our hands around our ribcage and noticing the air filling the lungs. Outstretching the arms and legs in front of us, as the fingers are reaching for the toes, allowing the chin to come to the chest and gently interlacing the fingers, pushing them away from the body. Inhale and exhale deeply 3 times, as you take in the new day and breathe out yesterday.

The next step is nourishment, not only the food we put into our mouths, yet what we read, look at, and digest, in our environment.

Setting a couple of minutes aside to put together some thoughts as to how we will structure our day, maybe reading a short article on what our top priority is for the day. Take a look around your room, house, or space and find things you haven’t noticed before. Perhaps the picture you have hanging is no longer relevant to you and you make a note to find something more meaningful to replace it.

Looking and listening to our surroundings can bring more awareness to how we are living, which helps create better connection to our business.

As we observe our setting, take a moment to make ourselves tea, coffee, lemon water or a juice to start the day. This small gesture can give us a sense of doing something for us, making ourselves a priority in the day.

As much as we love our baristas and the way they might know exactly what we want, who knows us better than ourselves?

As our morning is progressing, it is important to prepare a proper breakfast before we leave the house we just noticed for the first time in many days, months, or years.

Yogurt with granola and fruit, peanut butter on a banana or apple slices, eggs with avocado and toast, these are short and simple and when YOU make them, once again you are establishing yourself as a priority in your own day and in your business.

This whole process can take as long or as short as you would like, ideally it takes about 15 minutes which in the grand scheme of the day, is not a significant amount of time, considering what you will be able to accomplish with a clear head, satiated tummy, and the deep breath of someone who knows they are going to conquer the day.

These are small steps that can make an immense difference in the start of your day, as we slow down, we realize we have more time.