Are Birthdays Still Important?

 Birthdays are celebrations that should not be taken for granted

My birthday came and went this year without much fanfare, and I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed last years.

They were two totally different birthdays, and I enjoyed them for two totally different reasons.

Last year was the big 50, and everyone is talking about this milestone and can't wait to see how you are going to celebrate this momentous occasion. I was planning my own 50th birthday dinner and had family coming up for the weekend and wanted to look my best so I had been working out quite a bit.

I love taking pictures and made sure we took a bunch before leaving for the restaurant. I was feeling anxious and worried that things wouldn't go well or we wouldn't get there in time for the reservations. I had put undue pressure on myself and felt upset that no one was helping me with the arrangements.

Little did I know my BF had planned a surprise bday party for me at the restaurant. I was surprised to find my closest friends were already there, the restaurant was decorated with streamers, confetti, balloons and we all had wonderful party hats to wear.

My best friend had come up from downstate, and another friend had made a delicious chocolate raspberry cake for me as well. My family had been in on the surprise the whole time and I was none the wiser.

The evening seemed like a dream. We ate, drank wine, I opened up gifts, and we hung out laughing, talking well into the late evening. I couldn't believe my BF had pulled off a surprise birthday for me.

This year was very different. Low key and simple but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I had birthday calls and texts all day long, my BF cleaned the whole house, ordered Chinese for dinner and bought me some delicious wine.

I watched football and was calm and relaxed the whole evening. Two totally different birthdays but felt happiness just the same.

What makes a happy birthday? Do we need the hoopla? Or is it enough to know you are loved and can have a quiet evening at home?

Do we even need to celebrate our birthday?

Yes! And Yes! We need to celebrate ourselves.

We are important, and we are unique there is no one quite like US in the whole world. Each of us should celebrate our uniqueness any way we want. Whether it's a big blow out party or it's a low key, quiet evening at home feeling loved.

Birthdays are celebrations that should not be taken for granted. I lost my father when he was only 40 years old, and I am thankful to have made it to 51 so far.

I look forward to my 60th birthday, 70th birthday and onward. Don't take them for granted appreciate your time on earth, and remember your life has meaning and purpose!

Even though not every day goes well or your way we're both still here, and that is a Celebration!