Always choose to try again! 

 Eventually I was faced with a decision, give up or try again. And I realised, I had been going about my business the wrong way. 

Suddenly It’s February already! Has anyone else noticed how quickly January disappears? 

I swear it was New Year's only last week, and yet here we are.  This week I found my old journals and thought I would share a part of my personal early business journey. 

This article is particularly relevant to start ups however still very applicable to established entrepreneurs, because at some point we have all be there and with every new project be become beginners again. 

It doesn’t FEEL like a whole month has gone, and suddenly the overwhelmed, and doubt kicks in and I start wondering am I really qualified to call myself a business owner?  I have been incredibly busy working in my business, but when I think about it, what exactly have I done for my business this month because the bank balance sure doesn’t reflect the level of busy I have been.

Sound familiar?  You are not alone! 

I started my consulting business, so I would have more flexibility with my hours and be home more for my children and find a balance between work and home which after years of working 9-hour days with an hour each way commute what just what my family needed. 

In those early days, despite all good intentions, I found myself ‘working’ even longer hours trying to replace my income while at the same time learning all the necessary business stuff they don’t teach at university. My family suffered, my business didn’t make any money, and ultimately, I suffered with stress and anxiety, overwhelm, and was left filled with self-doubt. 

Eventually I was faced with a decision, give up or try again.

Then I came across this quote: "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Thomas Edison. 

And I realised, I had been going about my business the wrong way. 

I knew the theory of how to run a successful business, I had studied enough and gained experience in network marketing and mainstream employment to understand that. 

What I was lacking was the knowledge of how to create and grow a new business from the ground up.  I decided to try again, only this time, I was looking through a different perspective.  

Solutions are easy to find, once you identify the actual problem – Teri M. 

The first step was to write a list of everything I felt I was on top of, and then everything I was struggling with. Beside each item on the list I was struggling with I wrote down how I might be able to ‘fix’ the issue. 

That list was my starting point, an action plan of sorts, which all pointed in one direction – I needed a mentor, someone who had successfully realised a business from the ground up.

 Finances were tight, so I turned to google and the library, and began reading about other entrepreneurs, following their stories and relating that information back to my own story.  

Initially I followed everyone I could find and over time this list became shorter once I began to seek specific knowledge that I wanted to learn. There are still a few of those entrepreneurs I still follow today, and others I have gained along my business journey, and some who have become my closest friends. 

The next step was to find an affordable local business networking group which were a lot scarcer then than they are today. I joined a few Facebook groups and found them to be beneficial in opening up doors to meeting other business owners and entrepreneurs as well as for gaining customers for my consultancy. 

Finding a mentor or two to suit your business and most importantly budget has never been easier or more accessible.  Nowadays there are online platforms specific to networking, LinkedIn, Meetup, formal and informal Facebook Groups, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Gumtree, even You Tube and so many more, including the Mind Her Business Site, which offer easy access to not only information, but also to direct face to face connections, or online via Skype or whichever face time app you prefer.  

At some point in our business we as entrepreneurs are all faced with the decision to give up or try again.  For me, between following the most successful and finding the locally successful I was able to not only regain my confidence as a business person, I also learnt how:

  • To ask for help, and in this to understand I was not a failure because I had to ask
  • To better manage my priorities and time
  • To grow and develop an income producing business that I love
  • To find flexibility in the elusive work / life balance
  • To ‘be there’ for my children
  • To believe in my own abilities
  • To give back and mentor others in my community
  • To choose my own future 
  • To finally embrace the title “Entrepreneur”

"An entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down." -- Reid Hoffman  

Always choose to try again! 

Teri M.