What's The Deal With #Hashtags?

Hashtags are the best way to tell social media platforms what your post, photo, or video is all about. They help the platforms to sort content and make it easy to find for people searching for content just like yours! And on platforms like Instagram, users can choose to follow hashtags in addition to following specific people, so you have a the opportunity to be seen by a lot more people that just your loyal followers.

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The Power of Ritual in Business

When you rename any refocusing process that you use in your life as "a ritual," you immediately elevate its importance. 

When you intentionally perform a ritual, you no longer "go through the motions." You don't half-heartedly ritual. 

You quiet your mind and focus on whatever it is that you are "ritual-ing" at that moment. 

And THAT is where the power of ritual truly lies. 

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