Now What In The HELL Should I Blog About?

You started off on a mission this past January. You had bought the latest Erin Condren planner, some beautiful gel pens and you picked your WORD for the year.

You were a woman who was organized, prepped and ready to go. You were itching to use all your pretty things for the next 12 months because your brain was filled to the brim with ideas on what to write and/or create for your blog or business.

You couldn't wait to help each and every reader/client you could because you were prepared beyond prepared.

You were going to ROCK 2018!

Then BAM!! You look at your beautiful, colorful planner and realize March 1st is coming in hot, and your BEST, LAST idea just left your brain at the end of February! You were so full of zeal and eagerness in January...

“Working” vs. WORKING

Especially for those of us who run our own businesses and/or work from home, it is far too easy to get distracted and get next to nothing done in a day, even though we’ve been clicking and reading and watching and commenting and following and tweeting and posting all day long. 

We think that we are WORKING, but really, we are actually just “working.”