Congratulations! You are about to start a life-changing journey towards following your dreams and achieving a huge goal- starting your very own business! 

Before we go on, please jump over to so that you can join our Facebook group. This is where I will be posting all the modules, and where we will be hosting the group calls. I will also be there to answer any questions you might have. 

Participation in this group is a huge part of the course. The questions I will be asking there related to that week's module will help keep you on track towards launching your business right on schedule. Interacting with your fellow students will help keep you (and them!) motivated. 

The next six weeks, starting on October 8th, are going to be intense, crazy, exciting, and fun. You will have to dig deep, pushing through those voices in your head that tell you that you're not good enough or experienced enough.... pushing through surface layers of information to discover the truth underneath.... pushing to really know yourself so that you will start a business that is 100% right for you right now. 

In this version of the Incubator, it will be especially important to stay right on track, time-wise, if you want to have your doors open on Black Friday.

If you fall behind, make every effort to get caught up as quickly as possible, but never, ever give up. A business launched late is better than no business at all, and you should still be able to take advantage of a decent part of the holiday shopping season if you don't fall too far behind. 

I look forward to meeting each and every one of you! Don't forget to fill out the form on the right so that we can get your shirt sent to you!




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