Have you wanted to start a business for a really long time, but life has just gotten in the way, and you've never found the time to actually DO it?

Was starting a business on your list of resolutions way back in January?

Do yourself a favor this holiday season, and give yourself the gift you've wanted for a long time-


Hi, I'm Jen- digital nomad, business coach, and branding expert!

I help female entrepreneurs start and grow their dream businesses, and right now, I am opening the doors to the business building experience that I could have used year after year when I was wanting to start my business, but had absolutely no idea how. 

I call it:


Black Friday Ready is more than just another "how to start a business course." Those are a dime a dozen nowadays, and, really, who has time to slog through another .PDF filled with a whole-lotta fluff and not enough substance?

Nope- that's not what you're going to find here. I know you don't have time to waste- Black Friday and the entire holiday shopping season is just around the corner. I get it- you want something that will

  • Get you the result you want- a real-life, fully functional business
  • Give you a super-clear, easy-to-follow road map about how to get there- so easy, in fact, that it almost feels like you're getting a done-for-you business!
  • Professional help for the more technical aspects- you don't want to have to figure out how to build a website or photograph your products or market on Instagram all by yourself. You want someone to lay it out in a so-simple-a-child-could-do-it way! 
  • Help you make it look so pretty that people see your stuff and instantly think you've been in business for years and your products or services must be top-notch!

 And that is exactly what Black Friday Ready is all about.

Black Friday Ready is a Business Incubator that will take you from "I think I want to start a business?" to "Proud lady Minding Her Business and bringing home the bacon" in 6 weeks, flat!



What's the difference between
a course and a Business incubator?

A course is just like something you'd do in college- you buy the books (or, ebooks, nowadays!), show up for lectures, do your homework, and hopefully learn a little something along the way.

A Business Incubator, on the other hand, is focused more personally on you and your growth, and involves much more personal interaction with your coach (me!) and your fellow students. You are not just one person lost in a sea of hundreds or even thousands of other students. In fact, in this incubator, you will be one of just twenty women who are lucky enough to join in. 

A traditional incubator, like the ones used on farms, takes something very small and fragile, like an egg, and provides it the most favorable opportunities to grow into something healthy and flourishing- a fluffy, chirping, happy baby chick. 

The Black Friday Ready Business Incubator will do the exact same thing with your business. 

I help you to grow your tiny seed of a business idea into a fully-functional business, step-by-step, week-by-week, following a gradual, logical approach that keeps you moving forward without making you feel overwhelmed. 

And, here's my favorite part:

Every woman that participates in this Incubator will receive a complete branding package (valued at $3,000!) that includes everything from a business logo, fonts, colors, and more!


I'm even going to take it up yet another step for this round of my Incubator, and throw in your choice of 3 items fully designed with your branding and messaging that you can use to market and promote your business (choose 3 items from a list that includes business cards, product packaging, Facebook headers, Instagram images, worksheets, book/e-book covers, and more!).

So you won't just be laying the foundation for your dream business during this course- you'll also be putting up the walls, installing the roof, and even picking out the throw pillows for the couch!

  • 6 amazingly detailed modules that explain everything from A-Z on how to find your niche, choose your ideal customer, package your products or services, and market them to the world! (Value: $3000)
  • 6 group calls that will answer all your questions (well... most of your questions... I'm not so good at astrophysics or car repair!). Use these calls to keep you on track and motivated. (Value: $282)
  • Weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions where we can laser-focus on your business, and work on the strategies, techniques, and action-steps you can use to keep your business moving in the right direction. (value: $600)
  • Access to a private Facebook Group where you can interact with both myself and your fellow students, and where I will post even more resources, advice, and information!
  • Even more access to me via twice weekly "Office Hours" held in the Facebook Group.
  • THE BRANDING PACKAGE!!! (Did I mention that this is my favorite part?). And this isn't me just designing a pretty logo for you (although that is totally included!). During the branding process, we dig deep and really get to intimately know your ideal customer, so that we can design a brand that works to lure them in and grow your bottom line. After you have completed my proprietary Brand Workbook, and I feel like I completely understand you, your business, and your dream customer, I will work to select the right colors, fonts, patterns, and, yes, design a unique, original logo for you. You can see the brands crafted for past students by clicking here. (this alone is worth $3,000!)
  • Brand Collateral Design- After we have completed your branding, I will design 3 branded pieces for your business. (Value: $225) Choose any 3 from this list:
    • Website header image
    • Facebook cover
    • Other social media cover or background image
    • Social media profile image
    • Business card
    • Single page brochure (can be bi- or tri-fold style)
    • Package insert, such as a thank you card or coupon
    • Merch design, like a t-shirt, mug, pen, rubber stamp, etc.
    • Ad for either online (Facebook, Google Adwords, etc.) or print (magazine, newspaper, etc.)
    • Book or e-book cover
    • Mockup (If you want your design to look like it is on a T-shirt, or mug, or if you want your e-book to look like it has been printed out and photographed (click here to see examples of mockups)
    • Remove the background from 3 product photos (so you can place them against a white or other background, instead)
  • "Black Friday / Cyber Monday Marketing Tricks!" Bonus Module! In the incubator, we teach you all about marketing your business in general ways- which will definitely work for these shopping days, but this bonus module will teach you special techniques and tricks specifically designed for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Combine these ideas with the Incubator ideas, and watch your sales multiply! ($97 value)

Daily Mindset Sessions. Every week, we will release a new mindset module that will help you prioritize what is important in your life and your business for that week. Listen to it every day (preferably in the morning) to keep your motivation high and eliminate the fear, imposter syndrome, and indecision that plague so many women trying to start businesses. ($47 value)


  • Mind Her Business T-shirt! Represent both the community of female entrepreneurs in general, and your commitment to doing something to grow your business every single day! ($19 value)
  • Series of Inspirational Printables. Print them out and display them at your desk, on your mirror, on your fridge, in your car, in your office... the list of possibilities is endless. It is important to consistently remember your goals and dreams, and this series of 6 printables (one for each week!) will help! ($30 value)

Module 1- Mind Your Own Business

It's time to get to work! No fluffy, everybody gets a trophy stuff here. What do you want to accomplish and how do you plan to make it happen? And who do you want to be working with?

We will dive into pricing structures, target markets, and analytics to help you fully understand exactly how much you need to sell (or, really, how many people you need to serve) in order to meet your financial and lifestyle goals. After you know where you are going, we will figure out how long you want to take to accomplish that goal, and then work backwards to come up with your game plan.

Finally, we will have our first weekly Q&A coaching call, where you can ask any questions you may have, and interact with your fellow students live (all calls will also be recorded so you can listen to them at any time!).

Module 2- Get it Out There

Time to make it official (maybe even #FacebookOfficial)! It's time to get your business registered and ready to start selling! We will discuss naming your business, buying your domain name (for your soon-to-be e-commerce store, blog, or website), and will help you select the perfect places to start selling your products or services. You will start gathering all the information you need so that at the end of Module 6, you will be ready to launch your business to the world! We will also have our second group call. 

Module 3- Branding Week!

This is my favorite part- and I'm hoping you will have so much fun, too! This week we will focus on your branding, image, and voice. You will really get to know your future customers, and style your brand so that you become simply irresistible. As part of the branding process, we will help you develop a style sheet that will keep your brand on point, and help you look oh-so-polished and professional. Looks aren't everything, Honey, but they are definitely significant! Your business never looked this good! 

This is my absolute favorite part of this course. Everyone who signs up will receive a complete branding package, including a logo, alternate logos / submarks, colors, fonts, and a brand guideline sheet that explains how to keep all of your marketing and social media messaging on brand and on point! (this alone is a $3,000 value- and it is included for FREE!)

And, as usual, we will conclude the week with a group call.

Module 4- Packaging Packages

Now that you have your brand on fleek, it's time to put a bow on it (maybe even literally!). This Module is all about developing your packaging (if you sell products) or your packages (if you sell services). We will help you develop a tight, consistent product line so that you will present a strong, recognized brand to the world (and this also helps prevent you from setting yourself up for product line overwhelm and eventual burnout). Proper packaging and packages can also help you sell more, as people will be able to see all of the value that you offer in an appealing way. 

Group call #4 happens this week, so be prepared with your packaging and packages ideas, and we will give you tons of useful feedback and advice specific to your business!

Module 5- It's Alive!

Now that you have a gorgeous product or service line, its time to show it off to the world! This is going to be a busy week, but by the end of it, you will:

  • Get your website started. Maybe you want an e-commerce store, maybe you need an informational website, maybe you are looking to establish yourself as an authority by starting a blog. No matter what you are trying to say online, we will help you begin saying it. We will discuss 3 of the most common DIY website builders: Squarespace, Shopify, and Wordpress, and will also have a ton of great tips for you if you have decided to have someone else build your website for you.
  • Craft an epic social media presence. You will know exactly which social media networks your brand should be on, and you will know how often you should be interacting there. 

Group call #5 will take place this week. 

Week 6- Shout It From The Rooftops!

Now that you have a fully fledged Passion Business ready to rock and roll, it's time to tell the world! This week will cover the basics of SEO (search engine optimization) that will help you to make sure that your website is easily found by search engines like Google, creating amazing content, and advertising strategies, including both free and paid techniques. 

We will wrap up with the last of our Q&A calls. 


What if I've never started a business before? Is this incubator still for me?

Yes, absolutely! You don't need any prior business experience to start a business. This incubator will show you everything you need to know, from figuring out who your target audience is, to finding your unique business voice so that you are easily identifiable by your dream customers, to showing you how to build a website and market yourself on social media. By the time you are finished with this 6 week course, you will be completely ready to start selling your product or service to the world! 

Will this course work for me, no matter what I sell?

Yes! This incubator takes into consideration that there are subtle differences in the way that products (like paintings and jewelry) and services (like yoga classes or life coaching) are sold, and will teach you how to do both! In fact, we encourage you to expand your ideas to include both products and services, so that you can generate even more sales from the same original ideas you have. 

Can I really start a business from scratch in just 6 weeks? Will I be up until 3AM every night working on this?

Yep! You could probably do it faster if you wanted to, but I realize that people have lives, and jobs, and kids, and dogs, and relatives, and addictions to Game of Thrones... so 6 weeks is a nice timeframe where you will definitely be busy getting things ready, but shouldn't feel overwhelmed. Most of my students found that they dedicated about 3-4 hours per week to the lessons during the first few weeks, then worked a few more hours per week when it was time to set up their website. 

You'll only have to stay up until 3AM if you want to, you crazy night-owl, you. 

What if I don't know what kind of business I want to start yet? Can I still take this course?

Yes- in fact, we have and optional "Module 0" that helps you figure out what kind of entrepreneur you are, and what kind of business structure would work best for your "Entrepreneurial Type." 

This incubator does move pretty fast, though, so I would only recommend that you sign up if you already have (even a very rough) idea of what you want to do, or are willing to make quick decisions about it.

The beauty of having your own business, however, is that there are no right or wrong answers. There are either good results or less desirable results. You are free to pivot any time, to add new products or services, or to remove those that aren't working any more.

The point is, it is easier to figure out what is or isn't working in your business if you are actually moving forward with it. Take action, and you will get results- it's as easy as that!

Is the branding that I will receive something basic and generic that I could find myself with a 5 minute Google search?

Absolutely not. It is so inspiring to me to work with passionate women who are working hard towards their success- how could I cheap out and give you something "cheap" and underwhelming? 

No, I design your branding just for you, taking into consideration everything that you include in the Branding Workbook that I will send you. Your branding will take into account your personality, your ideal customer's personality, your target market, how you want to stand out in your marketplace, and the key things that you want your ideal customer to think about you. 

The most common thing that my past clients have said about the branding that I have designed for them is "Oh my gosh! It's like Jen knows me better than I know myself!" I would love to design something just for you that makes you feel that way too- seen, heard, recognized, valuable, gorgeous, professional, and that I totally "get you!"

Do you guarantee that I will be successful and/or make "$X" amount of money?

You already know the answer to this one, but, no. Just like everything else in life, there are no guarantees here. But I can tell you that if you start putting effort into your life and your business, you will make progress.

I do my absolute best to ensure that this incubator covers all the basics that you need to get started, and to make sure that, if you do your work during the incubator, you will end up with the major moving parts you need for your business by the time we are through. 

Do you offer a refund or money back guarantee if I am not happy?

Please be considerate before signing up for this course. Because there are only 20 spots available, if you sign up and then drop out, you have effectively taken a spot away from someone else who could have really used this opportunity. Only sign up if you are truly ready to change your life and launch your business this year, before Black Friday. 

This incubator is not a magic bullet or genie in a bottle- you will not automatically be successful if you don't show up and do the work. But if, for some reason, you sign up and feel that the course isn't for you, email your completed Module 1 workbook to me by the end of the first week of the course, and we will issue you a full refund (


By purchasing the Black Friday Ready Business Incubator, Done-For-You Package, and/or the Incubator Only Option, you are agreeing to my standard Incubator Terms and Conditions.


The Black Friday Ready Business Incubator is worth at least:

$3000 for the modules, $3000 for the Branding Package,
$282 for the Group Coaching Calls, $600 for the Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching Calls, $225 for your choice of 3 Graphic Design Products,
$97 for the "Black Friday / Cyber Monday Marketing Tricks!" Bonus Module, $47 for the Mindset Modules, $19 for the T-Shirt,
and $30 for the Inspirational Prints

For a Grand Total of $7,300!


But to get in on this round of the Business Incubator, your price is only: 


Don't wait!

Only 20 Spots Left!

I understand that this may be a huge, life-altering decision for you, and if you need to discuss your options, or ask me any questions about anything at all, please click here to schedule a 100% free, no-pressure call.

I'm not into the whole "call me for a business evaluation and I will try to hard-sell you onto my course at the end" kinda thing. This call is for people that just need to make sure that the program is for them, who just have a few unanswered questions, and I PROMISE that there will be no sales pitch at the end. You've read this far... you know what I'm offering already. I respect your humanity and your reasoning abilities too much to try to shove anything down your throat. 

If this incubator is for you, you will feel it in your gut. If you feel it, trust that feeling and sign up- it's as simple as that.

Yes, it may be a little scary- all new thing are!- but I guarantee to you that if you keep following the same exact path you are on now, you will continue to reap the same results, which will probably include not having your dream business! If you are ready for a change, if you are ready to start saying Yes! to yourself and Yes! to your dreams, then now is your chance. 


I get it- you really want to join, but you just don't know where the money will come from right now. Never fear! You can still take the incubator program, and just leave off the branding and graphic design services. You will have to do a bit more DIY prep to get your business up and running before Black Friday, but, like they say, life is either time or money, right? So if you have more time than money, consider this option!

This package includes everything in the Black Friday Ready Business Incubator, but without the Branding package and without the graphic design bonus. You will still receive all the modules, group sessions, 1-on-1 coaching and other bonuses.