This is an amazing opportunity to receive 6 weeks of intense, personalized coaching from Jen ($1800 value), our complete Mind Her Business Jumpstart Course, worksheets, and exercises ($1997 value), and a complete branding package, including logo, font selections, color scheme, and more ($2997 value)!

If you haven't heard about the Jumpstart Program, you can learn more about it by clicking here. Everything you see on that page is included!

If selected, you agree to pay $150 for the coaching, course, and branding package, total. Why are we charging for a beta program, you ask? Because, both academic studies and our personal experience have shown that people who don't financially invest in a course are much less likely to finish the course or take it seriously. Both of our time is extremely valuable, and neither of us wants to waste it. Also, I need to ensure that only ladies who are very serious are taking advantage of this program, as I am only taking 6 individuals. 

As a member of the Mind Her Business Beta Program, you will be expected to complete each module on time, and to attend a weekly 1-on-1 call with Jen. You are also expected to participate in a private Facebook group, where you will be encouraged to interact with both Jen and your fellow students. We will work out a weekly time that works for everyone for a group Facebook live session. It is very important that you attend these sessions as well.

If you can commit to these requirements, we welcome you to apply for the Beta Program!

Fill out the application below. Incomplete applications will not be considered, as they are a reflection of your dedication to complete the course. 

You will be notified on or before May 5th if you have been selected for this round. 

I look forward to meeting you and look forward to reading your stories below!


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