You have dreams. BIG dreams. And right now, your dreams include

having a successful, fulfilling, and influential business.


Let's work together to design your entrepreneurial adventure from the ground up, design and style your logo and branding, and keep you headed towards success!


Hello, I'm Jen, founder of Mind Her Business.

I can't wait for us to start working together!  As a fellow entrepreneur who has launched several businesses, I totally understand what you are going through as you launch your venture or update your image. There are so many factors to consider- 

  • What should your first steps be if you are just starting out?
  • What is your ultimate goal for your business?
  • What image to you want to present to our potential clients?
  • How do you look cool, classy, luxurious, creative, fun, playful, serious, and absolutely stunning- all at the same time?
  • Do you really need a complete rebrand, or just a little freshening up?

.... and so much more!

Don't worry! Although there are a lot of things to think about, we will help to keep you on track.

And, because we are a boutique-style branding house, we have the ability to turn around your branding design quickly- sometimes in just a few days, rather than the weeks or months that are common in the design industry. 

And if you have absolutely no idea where to start, we offer a 6-week Mind Her Business Course + Mastermind to help you solidify your business idea, get your money fundamentals in place, and launch you product or service with the most put-together, swanky branding around! 

So, take a look around, check out our portfolio and the course, and then shoot us a message with your branding and design hopes and dreams. We will get back to you ASAP, and will work with you to make everything perfectly perfect in every way!